Dixie Grace Room Spray- Rise N Shine  6oz

Dixie Grace Room Spray- Rise N Shine 6oz

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Blueberry Buckle So is Blueberry Buckle considered a cake or is it more of a blueberry brownie? Honestly, we have no idea what it is other than damn good! Wild Blueberries, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, and Vanilla overlap to make the best blueberry scent you have EVER smelled. The Cinnamon is very hard detect in Blueberry Buckle (we have been asked). The dash of Cinnamon we use in this brings out the Blueberry and Brown Sugar until you're convinced there is an actual Blueberry Buckle backing in the oven! Room & Linen Spray 6 oz. / 177 ml Phthalate Free  Pet Safe Non-aerosol  Test on inconspicuous area of linen for color fastness before using on any linen. 
Made in United States of America