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The BOHO HUT is proud to be a Supporter of Great Canadian Talent. Please take a moment to read their Amazing Bio's!


Owner and creator of recycled clothing company “EllemairCo”. I have a burning passion in my heart to create. My mother raised me on arts and crafts and banana splits, (at least that’s what I remember). I have studied fine arts, fashion and entrepreneurship for many years. I have always made my own clothing, even as a young girl. I have slowly created my art in a way that people are so passionate and excited about, and cultivated a career i am involve with. Brilliant colours, and intricate patterns make my soul happy, clothing is much more than just dressing yourself. It is a outlet for creativity and feeling good about yourself and how you look. I base my designs on timeless bohemian styles that are easy to dress up or down. I have been working full time as a designer for 4 years and now being only 22 I am extremely proud of how far my beautiful company has bloomed. I hope to flourish and expand EllemairCo throughout Canada doing markets and fashion shows. 

Lauren Mair


April Hylton Designs has been developed through imagination, experimentation, dedication and passion.
April’s love for jewelry started as a child. Always reaching for her mothers jewels was where her love began.

She is a self taught jewelry artist that has been creating for over twenty years. Consistently looking for new and diverse ways in creative design. Dabbling in everything from wire work to hand stamping to Peyote. April also loves to work with clay, vintage papers, crystals, gemstones and dried flowers. The possibilities are endless! She is a cancer survivor, nature & animal lover and is a strong believer of paying it forward.

April has showcased her work in quaint shops, shows, markets and galleries in Ontario and British Columbia.



Jool is a collection of fashion accessories carefully reclaimed and redesigned into modern eco-friendly pieces. All items are made from locally sourced upcycled materials and handmade by Julie in her Toronto studio. These one-of-a-kind items are made to inspire people to make eco-conscious choices while being unique and eco-chic at the same time.

Julie Phelps



In 2016, we realized that the Canadian swimsuit market was missing something great-the market itself was lacking both versatile and high quality artistic swimsuits! This is how the Visual Mood brand was conceived.

Fast forward 16 months of researching and designing, we launched Visual Mood Swimwear. Our fabrics are carefully selected from high-quality polyester fabrics. The supportive cut of swimsuits creates an ultra-feminine look. The designs are original printing pattern created by our Visual Mood founders.

We put a lot of love and passion into making every garment unique and great, aiming to offer an array of "art chic" swim and resort wear!



Heather Sheppard started Knots & Pipes in 2015 when she was having a hard time finding statement pieces with clean lines and made from raw materials; let alone pieces made in Canada at an afforable price point.

She used the skills she gained from her mother and grandmother in the rural community of Norfolk, ON (leather craft, sewing, crocheting) and combined them with the shop local, repurpose and maintain mantra ingrained in her by her parents, who owned a small independent furniture store that focused on Canadian made products in Simcoe, ON.

Heather is an advocate for slow fashion, ethical consumerism and the maintenance of fashion accessories. She sources her materials from hardware stores, local sewing shops, thrift stores, estate sales, consignment shops and antique barns - and her studio adheres to a small batch production mantra located downtown Hamilton, Ontario.


We're creating a world where feeling special is accessible to everyone 
At SeaLuxe, we believe that luxury should exist without barriers, and luxury products shouldn't require luxury prices. Our products are hand-made with love in small batches from high-quality natural ingredients, formulated for results that inspire you to create time and space for the personal connection that you deserve. SeaLuxe invites you to experience a world of pure and nutrient-rich indulgence with every purchase.

We won't cheapen your luxurious experience by adding extra fillers to make a buck. We certainly won't include any parabens, sulphates, petroleum, phthalates, chemicals, dyes or unnatural preservatives. We source the best ingredients that nature has to offer, each chosen with a purpose and a conscience.

Our products are for like-minded people who want a clean and healthy beauty product alternative and who also care about sustainable, ethical practices.

Our soaps, cleansing grains, body butters -they don't just clean and moisturize, they flood your every pore with high levels of potent ingredients specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties.

Tanya Droege, SeaLuxe Founder

White Rock, British Columbia

The Happy Buddah Soap Company in Midland Ontario