Cwtch Co. Hematite Silver 4mm

Cwtch Co. Hematite Silver 4mm

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All bracelets include our signature Cwtch charm.


Hematite, a metallic grey-black stone, is revered for its grounding and protective properties, earning it the reputation of a stone of strength and stability.


Known for its grounding influence, hematite is believed to anchor one's energy and promote a sense of balance and stability. It's often used to bring a feeling of calmness and centeredness during times of stress or chaos.


This stone is associated with enhancing mental focus and concentration, aiding in logical thinking and problem-solving. It's believed to sharpen the mind and improve decision-making abilities.


Hematite is also linked to physical healing properties. Some traditions suggest that it can aid in circulation, alleviate headaches, and provide relief from physical pain.


Symbolically, hematite is considered a protective stone, believed to absorb and transform negative energies, offering a shield against harm and negativity.


Hematite's lustrous appearance and perceived energetic qualities continue to make it a popular choice both for its aesthetic appeal and its potential to bring balance and strength into one's life.